Daili Trading? A short introduction...



Daili Trading started in 2000 and is an active player on the wholesale market for decorative products. Our customer portfolio mainly contains wholesalers, gardencenters, florists, decoration and furniture shops.

We are producing  in Latvia and importing products from Poland, Ukraine. Besides distribution in Belgium, Daili Trading does export as well to customers in Holland, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, USA, Canada and Latvia. We offer direct deliveries from manufacturer to customer.

The added values of Daili Trading? We offer decorative products that bring a pleasant atmosphere and color in all interior styles, we bring a mix of traditional and new materials and our services are tailored to the customer at the very best price.





Our coordinates:

Daili Trading BVBA - Geraardsbergsesteenweg 178 - 9090 Gontrode (Melle) - Belgium

Email: info@dailitrading.be

Daili Trading BVBA